Technical Documentation and Management

DocALMA | Documentation

Reliable technical documentation is a must for achieving profitable and competitive operations. There are many situations where immediate document retrieval is a necessity.

Efficient management and continuously available technical documentation can save time-to-decision. Manageable broad extent of documentation and linking to any installation or interconnection is a desired value in handling quality issues, safety, conformity mark certificates or maintenance of plant.

DocALMA includes versatile query functions whereas correct information can be retrieved apace and surely. The revision management will assure that latest version will be available As well recent revisions’ are reviewable.

DocALMA serves users over local network or remote connection. The users’ rights to view and edit can be managed specifically according to user, task or user group.

In order to improve the care of logical plant model the stand-alone DocALMA can be extended and appended to other parts of ALMA engineering and knowledge management system.