Maintenance and Service


Maximizing the lifecycle of machinery and equipment of a plant requires effective and optimized predictive maintenance strategy. MaintALMA serves as a modern system for industrial maintenance or for management and of mobile maintenance business of different sectors.

MaintALMA utilizes an ALMA-plant model which is created into the system based on the plant which is being maintained. The framework of the model is based on the hierarchy of the production processes of the plant as well as the plant systems. The ALMA-plant model allows information about machinery, equipment, spare parts and related documentation to be accessed easily and quickly by the maintenance and service personnel whenever necessary (24/7). 

MaintALMA maintenance solution serves the lightest as well as the most demanding service and maintenance needs. The system is scalable and suitable for diverse environment. The lightest solutions are easy and fast to implement and to deploy.  

ALMA also serves the more demanding and wider needs. It is suitable as a maintenance solution for multiple production plants or when the maintained entity is more complex, when the user and transaction volumes are high or when there are multiple user groups and the system may have several interfaces to other systems, ERP, automation, maintenance control, etc. 

MaintALMA allows effective management of:

  • Cost mangement and reports to different levels; management, managers, supervisors, operators
  • Multiple calendar views at different levels: management, managers, supervisors, operators
  • Resourcing, planning, guiding and monitoring of different maintenance tasks
  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance: failure notifications and failure tasks
  • Diary functions
  • Reliability centred maintenance analyses
  • Storage and material management 
  • Technical documentation management
  • Registers of suppliers, personnel, customers, products, materials, etc. 
  • Projects: project bank, information management, planning, project progress monitoring, actual results and cost management
  • Taking over projects, planned information and documentation
  • Work safety maintenance, risk analysis, work permits, safety discussions
  • Mobile solutions

MaintALMA’s event monitoring serves the operating and maintenance personnel, as due to monitoring function, it is possible to align faults straight to the correct machine, automation, instrumentation, electrical or real estate location. It also offers a wide range of possibilities for classification (criticality, RCM) and for event history recording as well as makes it possible to record notifications of shift events etc. In maintenance planning MaintALMA is able to utilize running time and diagnostic data received directly from the device and from the automation system (IoT).

Our services cover defining the customer’s environment, needs and challenges as well as creating solution proposition, system introduction, training, upkeep, development and support. Based on solid expertise and effective tools we make project information management services; for example creating project and information management procedures, coordination of information management and data transfers from various parties’ systems, databases, excels etc.

Like the rest of ALMA solutions and application areas, MaintALMA system can easily be extended to ALMA’s other application areas.  

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