Data Network asset data management

ALMA platform & customer needs

In today’s networked environment, functional telecommunication connections are essential. Remote management of production plants and distributed production, as well as a functional office network are commonplace. Production plants include many operation-critical networks, such as automation, remote monitoring, access control, camera and radiotelephone networks, the reliability of which can be crucial and inevitable from the viewpoint of safety.

How are all of these network assets managed and maintained? Where are data of different component areas stored, how can they be retrieved when needed?

In many cases, data are managed in a scattered manner; when needed, they cannot be found, and even if found, unfortunately often, the data are not up-to-date. Management of the whole, as well as fragmented documentation and data storage methods often cause problems as well.

With ALMA, you can have complete and easy control over production plant, real estate, communication and remote monitoring network structure, dependencies, and constituent assets: network architecture, trunk cables, fibre optics, IT and network cabinets, fibre panels, connections, ports, etc.

ALMA visualises the dependencies of different nodes, which can be reviewed from different perspectives: for example, main level data connections (trunk fibres), or on the detail level from the viewpoint of individual connections.

All data can also be intelligently linked to the rest of ALMA’s structure, for example, to real estate or the IT assets possibly managed by it (servers, software, applications, integrations, etc.)

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