ALMA’s solutions for outsourcing management

ALMA’s solutions for outsourcing management

ALMA’s solutions for outsourcing management as regards upkeep, planning and other support services.

Outsourcing is a growing trend in industry as regards upkeep, planning, and other support services (factory services).

In outsourcing, tasks and operational processes previously taken care of within the company are outsourced to a partner. A huge amount of knowledge and skills goes along, the transfer and maintaining of which is important. In order for the outsourcing to function and deliver measurable business benefits, these must be verifiable between the parties.

ALMA is a wonderful tool for maintaining, reporting, and developing the Customer-Supplier relationship. It provides the parties with a process management tool beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Good data and documentation management saves time and money upon specification of the outsourcing. Service boundaries/interfaces are easier to define, as well as to amend and develop, if required.
  • ALMA offers important information for measurement of the outcomes: for example, the quantity of preventive maintenance works in progress and items in the repair queue, development, budgeted and actual costs, project and planning progress, etc.
  • The data owned by the parties can be limited and retained by the owner.​

For the outsourcing party:

+   You can keep your critical data under your control regardless of outsourcing.

+   You can monitor, manage, and coordinate the service and its level.

For the service provider:

+   ALMA can be the tool for the receipt and efficient running of the outsourcing.

+   ALMA can be used as a centralised tool in projects, planning services, and upkeep and maintenance activities. The possibility for managing large numbers of customers, data, and events.

+   You can offer the desired perspective to the customer and share the necessary information.

+   The possibility for project submission to customers by ALMA and for project upkeep through ALMA.

ALMA can be utilised in management of outsourced services in case of all technical fields.

Our services cover mapping of the customer’s environment, needs, and challenges; creation of a solution proposal; system deployment, training, upkeep, development, and support. Based on our solid expertise and efficient tools, we also carry out data transfers from old systems, databases, Excel files, etc. into the new ALMA solution, in which case the transfer to the new system is as trouble-free as possible.

Similarly to other ALMA solutions and application areas, the ALMA solution utilised in outsourcing can easily be expanded to include other ALMA application areas.