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In today’s networked environment, functional telecommunication connections are essential. Remote management of production plants and distributed production, as well as a functional office network are commonplace. Production plants include many operation-critical networks, such as automation, remote monitoring, access control, camera and radiotelephone networks, the reliability of which can be crucial and inevitable from the viewpoint of safety.

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Improve your production line efficiency

Over the lifecycle of a company, a huge volume of technical data and documentation are created providing hands-on information on how a plant has been designed, built, placed in service and maintained. For a company, just knowing for a fact that the plant is soundly built and operates according to plan is a great asset. But what if you and your staff had access to a single, integrated system containing all the information generated over the entire lifecycle of the production line? And what if this information were always up to date and easy to find?

The ALMA® system stores and organises all the technical documentation and events generated over the production plant’s lifecycle in a single system that is always up to date. The currency of critical information, improved flow of information and quick access reduce downtime and help shorten any shutdowns. 

When you adopt the ALMA® system right at the beginning of your project, you will be able to reduce the risks associated with the investment considerably as the risk of non-compliance with the timetable and delay in production start is greatly reduced. At the same time, the ALMA® system ensures that the invaluable data generated over the plant’s lifecycle is readily available for the next project. Consequently, it is an investment not only for the service life of the production plant but also in future projects.

The ALMA® system not only saves priceless information but also shares it to those who need it on a real-time basis.


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