Transferring Know-How

Organisations have numerous applications and different IT-systems. Information required for different purposes are often stored in different systems and so a number of applications are needed to access them. As a result, retrieving an item of valuable information may be practically impossible or at best time consuming. For a company, unsuccessful system integration is costly and may lead to major mistakes because of outdated and inaccurate data.

The ALMA® system ensures that the invaluable information and know-how generated over the plant’s lifecycle is not lost to the organisation. Instead, it will be stored in a single system and be available on a real-time basis to all who need it.

ALMA® enables enterprises to streamline, standardize and plan their processes, manage their projects and documents, perform maintenance and troubleshooting actions wirelessly in real time, and link their knowledge management solution to other systems in secure way.

We offer you a full rance of services: consultancy, solutions databases, system start-up, support, training and software development. Let's harness together the know-how to enhance your competitiveness. 


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