Tracegrow Oy: A Modern Maintenance System Complies with Regulatory Requirements

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For a production plant to be efficient, many component areas must be functional. If the plant’s operation is supervised by the authorities, everything must be 100% in order. Tracegrow Oy, a company producing liquid fertilizer out of alkaline batteries, found in ALMA a partner for the maintenance of its plant and management of its documentation.

Tracegrow Oy is a Finnish circular economy company that started its operations in 2012. It has developed a technology unique on the global level for the production of efficient and clean micronutrient products for agriculture from used alkaline batteries.

Tracegrow’s objective is to become the most recognised global circular economy producer of micronutrients for agriculture with an annual turnover of EUR 100M over the next few years. The company operates in a global market characterised by yearly growth over 8% and with a volume that is estimated to exceed 8.5 billion dollars by 2023.

To achieve this, everything must be in order at the production plant located in Kärsämäki. When Tracegrow was looking for a partner for both maintenance and management of important documentation, the choice came to ALMA.

Data management as the basis for all    

In various plant projects, the acquisition of a maintenance system should be considered in good time. This was the intention of Tracegrow.

“The time window for maintenance system introduction was about one and a half years. Our plant was launched in 2018 and we were looking for a partner that could assist us in data management and maintenance alike. We employed another system for document storage, but that did not meet our needs and was also considered difficult to use,” says Mikko Joensuu, CEO of the company, explaining the background of the acquisition.

Initially, important data related to plant operation needed to be recorded better. The Finnish Food Authority within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland supervises the company’s operations, and this sets its own requirements to information management. The recording methods must be accurate and data easily retrievable, so that the integrity of the production chain and the quality of operation can be demonstrated at the plant at any time.

“The folder system of the ALMA documentation management program is something we like. Most importantly, all the data are stored in one place. When ALMA managed to offer us a maintenance solution including documentation management as a natural part, the choice was quite clear. We really did not want two different systems, as this will inevitably lead to overlapping,” Joensuu says.

What is the system capable of? Is it suitable for us?

The ALMA project started in March 2019 and the new maintenance solution and document management were introduced in full at the Kärsämäki plant in the autumn of the same year.

“Everything has worked smoothly and the schedules have been met. About a dozen people use the system in our company and we are pleased with it,” Joensuu praises.

Joensuu has some tips for those in a similar procurement situation.

“You should pay attention to the system’s capabilities. Systems have their own patterns, and it is reasonable to make sure the complete solution is suitable for you. ALMA was – it offered exactly what we needed. Reliable data storage, our primary objective, has been ensured, as well as the functionality of maintenance,” Joensuu notes.

People at Tracegrow are also happy with the documentation

“ALMA is easier to manage than the systems we used before. The most important criteria were acquisition of a functional maintenance system and elimination of overlapping. And that worked out,” concludes Mikko Joensuu, CEO.


Text: Tia Härkönen
Photo: Tracegrow Oy

Tracegrow Oy is a Finnish cleantech company founded in 2012, the business of which is based on circular economy. It has developed a technology unique on the global level for the production of efficient, clean, and organic zinc and manganese-based micronutrient products for agriculture from the zinc and manganese contained in used alkaline batteries. Tracegrow products are CE marked.