Machinery Ltd in cooperation with Alma Consulting Ltd

Project management
Technical documentation and management
ALMA Consulting Ltd and Machinery Ltd have developed in co-operation a new maintenance management program called Machina for the needs of engineering industry.
Machina supports cost-effective and efficient maintenance, machine and customer specifically.

"Machina has been designed in collaboration with our customers, taking their needs into consideration. We want to provide relief, savings, manageability and efficiency to the maintenance of the industry’s machines. Our mission as a service and maintenance provider is to ensure our client’s production suffers as little as possible of unforeseen breakdowns and failures", says Managing director Mr. Jussi Muikku and summarizes the basic idea of Machina and its customer benefits.

Manchina is totally integrated maintenance knowledge management system for managing machine shop’s technical information and events through machines’ life-cycle. With the help of data collected to the system the maintenance can be made preventive. In the long term this will reduce failures and lead to smaller production and quality losses as well as to decreased costs.

With the help of Machina, individual service program and contents will be built for each machine. Customer will receive machine specific cost monitoring which includes fault maintenance costs and costs of materials belonging to them as well as the costs and schedule of planned upcoming preventive maintenance according to the service program.

"Events of each machine’s life-cycle are stored in the software’s memory. This means that with the help of this historical information we are able to recommend when would be the right time to consider new investment and no longer make major repairs. We also receive specific statistics of which kind of fault normally stops certain type of machine and we are able to anticipate future problems or even prevent them happening all together", director Mr. Kari Pirttilä says. 

Through Machina, customers have an opportunity to have their own customer interface, which makes the documentation and periodic inspections reports, required by the quality system, easily accessible from one place. Implemented this way, entries are transmitted to all parties in real time and the maintenance activities are transparent. Maintenance history of machines, material and spare part costs and machine specific documentation from safety data sheets to general instructions can be found from the customer interface. Interface is also a suitable tool for handling of small inventories.




Machinery Ltd, established 1911,   is a family owned business operating in Finland and in the Baltic countries. Machinery Ltd supplies machine tools from the world’s leading manufacturers.