Loimua ensures reliable operation and maintenance functions with ALMA

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ALMA-system is used by Loimua's supervisors, technicians, and operating personnel at Vanaja power plant, 50 heating plants and 21 pumping stations.

Loimua Oy wanted to implement a modern maintenance system for general use in large power plants, as well as in smaller heating plants. The aim was to obtain a system, that ensures real time data and accuracy, as well as to harmonize and manage documentation.

Loimua offers convenient and competitive heating solutions based on its customers' needs. With the same logic, the company renewed the old maintenance system, which no longer fulfilled their requirements and there was no development and maintenance available for the old system. The renewal of the Vanaja power plant brought with it naturally the decision to use the maintenance system for all Loimua operating regions and power plants.

"We put a lot of effort into the new systems definition of requirements and in the choice of supplier. ALMA was from the very beginning a strong candidate with its comprehensive benefits. In addition, we were very impressed by the ALMA references, expertise, resources and their motivation to our project. They also challenged us to rethink about our own user practices, "IT development responsible Kimmo Keronen says.

Modern user interface activates our users

ALMA-system is used by Loimua`s supervisors, technicians and operating personnel at Vanaja power plant, 50 heating plants and 21 pumping stations.  Equipment system is growing to more than over 15,000 and the number of documents increasing to more than a few thousand. ALMA is linked to Microsoft AX with counting the assigned workhours by each user and there are plans for a connection to a remote monitoring system.

"Operation and maintenance in one complete system has brought positive changes.  The development of the flow of information and detection of fault situations has been good. The most significant change as a whole can be seen in the future, when all the integration steps have been introduced and completed, and we have learned to use the system properly", Keronen says.

We agree with Keronen, says also Loimua Maintenance Manager Jukka Varonen.

"We have received positive feedback from our users which has been encouraging. The modern user interface makes sense. All in all, the use of a operational record log and error notification implementation by WebALMA has proven to be the right choice and it has activated the staff to use the system”, he says.

With MaintALMA you can handle the equipment, documentation, error messages, work management, and use of the operational record log, inventory management as well as to make purchase order lists. The renewal of a maintenance system is generally no small task and the support from the management is important. At Loimua, the management has been involved in the project implementation with a warm heart.

"The internal challenge is yet to get the investment to pay back the money invested, in other words, to get the users to actively take advantage of the system and to learn from each other," says Loimua technical director Anne Piispanen.


Loimua Oy provides district heating and electricity, as well as sells and distributes district heating and natural gas. In order to ensure its customers receive reliable heat delivery, Loimua renovates and maintains its networks, as well as its generating facilities on a regular basis.