Flowplus utilizes its ALMA service business as an ERP system

Maintenance and Service
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Flowplus, a company that has grown on acquisitions, is a strong service, repair, and maintenance service provider. In recent years, several new units with its own information systems have joined the Group. From the very outset, the vision has been the desire to get everything to work uniformly through one system. The solution to this was ALMA.

Flowplus Oy is a company specializing in conditioning and maintenance of flow technology. Its customers include the industrial, energy and infrastructure industries to which the company provides repair and maintenance services for pumps, valves, and electric motors.

The company has grown rapidly in recent years by purchasing local service companies from all over Finland and linking them to the Flowplus Group. The role of regionally performing service companies is significant when it comes to rapid responsiveness and understanding customer needs.


Need for a single all-encompassing system

Flowplus works closely with its customers as a service provider for the equipment, so everything is based on a thorough understanding of the customer's business. This also started the operation with the ERP system.

"We looked into our customers 'operating models and processes more closely, and we wonder how we can align our own business to better support our customers' business. We also commissioned a graduation thesis about what our ERP should be. Throughout the company's history, the idea has been the system that supports the management of the customer’s technology base. The goal is to provide the customer with added value and at the same time manage their own entries regarding the device history. As a result of this thesis, it was confirmed that we need only one system, which is our entire ERP system, says Jani Tuliniemi, who is responsible for the company's sales activities in Kotka.

On this basis, mapping of the appropriate system and providers began. In the spring of 2016, Tuliniemi and two of his colleagues met with a total of six different providers.

"ALMA stood out very positively. They understood our business, and the ALMA solution impressed us. The flexibility of the system came out, which is now realized with the introduction of the system and still has not stopped to impress us."

Everyone benefits - maintenance, sales and the customer

The project started in the fall of 2016. As a result, ALMA was introduced as the ERP system of the service business for different locations and slightly different functions. The project harmonises both customer registers and nomenclatures and inventory data.

"We carry out maintenance on our customers' premises and in our own service centres. In addition, we have spare parts sales and serve the various needs of our customers on the infrastructure side, such as water treatment facilities in pumping station maintenance. The integrated system helps in maintenance work with both in terms of device and customer information. It also strongly supports tendering and sales,” says Tuliniemi.

In Flowplus, ALMA uses a dozen executives and mechanics.

Transparency improved with ALMA

The introduction of ALMA has also brought significant benefits to warehousing and procurement management as well as to invoicing.

"We issue more than 4000 invoices every year. Our invoicing has clearly accelerated when both the material purchases, inventories and hourly entries of equipment installers are in one and the same place. No more data needs to be collected from different locations. Device management has also improved when we can register the maintenance targets in a unified system,” notes Jarmo Piippo, Managing Director of Flowplus.

Like Tuliniemi, he is pleased with ALMA both as a system supplier and as a partner. Piippo praises ALMA's know-how and approach.

“For us, smooth co-operation has been important for us since the early stages.  The ALMA people and we have a similar view of customer service and how things are handled. Doing is systematic but hard and the response time is short. We also provide this kind of service attitude to our customers."

Piippo highlights another significant change after the introduction of ALMA.

"Our reporting has been refined. Now, it is easier for us to share information with the customer about which of their equipment are within the scope of our service. Customers have had a positive experience of the fact that they are getting more systematic information. If, for example, reporting helps to notice that some of the equipment ends up getting a lot of service, it is easier to track down why this is the case and whether a change can be made here. This brings strength to cost control and is for both the customer’s and our benefit. "

Flowplus Oy is a company specializing in conditioning and maintenance of flow technology established in 2012, whose customers are industrial end customers. Its field of activity is the maintenance, sale, repair, and installation of pumps, pumping stations, valves and electric motors. The company employs 90 people and is currently located in Pietarsaari, Seinäjoki, Kotka, Oulu, Tampere and Porvoo, and a sales office in Helsinki.