Flowplus to Expand the Use of ALMA in its Operations

Maintenance and Service
Warehousing and acquisition
Technical documentation and management
Flowplus Oy acquired ALMA as its ERP system in 2017. In the future, the company intends to expand the use of ALMA to cover the management of its IoT data and streamlining of operation processes.

Flowplus offers maintenance and service packages for pumps and pumping stations, valves, electric motors, and other rotary equipment. The company employs 130 people at nine localities in Finland. In 2017, Flowplus started using ALMA as its enterprise resource planning system.

“Owing to the good ERP experience, our intention is to use ALMA for IoT data management as well. In practice, for example, this means that we can monitor the status of a pump maintained by us in real time. The data acquired from the pump are stored in ALMA and can easily be retrieved from there and analysed location-independently”, says Jani Tuliniemi, Business Manager of Flowplus Oy.

Flowplus also intends to utilise ALMA more extensively in the control and streamlining of its own production processes.

“ALMA renders our production processes more systematic. With the help of ALMA, we can introduce all of our good process practices in different parts of Finland”, Tuliniemi continues.

The entire data in a single system

Currently, Flowplus utilizes ALMA in:

  • sales
  • work management
  • equipment fleet management
  • material management
  • storage
  • invoicing
  • reporting, and
  • customer relationship management (CRM)

“We now have all the necessary information in a single and proper place. Information can easily be input to the system and effortlessly retrieved from there as well. Reporting is real-time indeed, since the required data are in a single system and not scattered across Finland. Today, processes essential for our business, from sales to invoicing, also take place through ALMA”, Tuliniemi praises.

Flowplus customers benefit from ALMA as well

With the help of ALMA, the customers of Flowplus Oy can rely on that their devices are serviced or repaired quickly and the maintenance history is always up-to-date. This facilitates the devices’ lifecycle management. Naturally, Flowplus also issues customer invoices specifying the events and products making up the final invoice sum. And the benefits do not end there.

“Today, our installers can also provide the customers with detailed maintenance reports, the information for which can be quickly retrieved from ALMA. A written report is especially beneficial for a customer, since it clearly states what has been done to the equipment and when. The newest ALMA reports also include photos of the equipment maintained and maintenance target. The installer can enter these to the system immediately after carrying out maintenance at the customer’s site”, Tuliniemi says.




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Flowplus Oy is a company founded in 2012 and specialized in maintenance and upkeep of flow technology solutions. Flowplus offers maintenance and service packages for pumps and pumping stations, valves, electric motors, and other rotary machines. The company employs 130 people and has offices in nine localities in different parts of Finland.