New ALMA employees: Tuomas Känsäkoski is trying to automate himself

Tuomas Känsäkoski, Product Development Engineer, is engaged in development of Vitec ALMA’s services and maintains our customers’ servers. Känsäkoski’s tasks also include automation of his duties to the maximum extent possible.

In reality, Tuomas Känsäkoski’s career at Vitec ALMA that launched in early November 2020 is in no danger. Product development can never be fully automated. Of course, automation is possible to some extent. Nevertheless, an integral part of Känsäkoski’s job description is the abbreviation Dev.Opps, a solution aimed at automating IT service functions related to software development, testing, and maintenance.

“The job at Vitec ALMA is something I always dreamt about in my childhood and youth. I’m a trained automation installer, but I’ve been into programming since I was 12 years old. Before coming here, I had already done programming as my main job for six years,” says Känsäkoski, a native of Kaustinen.

Before submitting his job application, he examined the background of Vitec ALMA carefully.

“Vitec ALMA has quite a few years of experience in its field; the company is of the suitable size, is stable, and has a good history and a promising future. I believe I can develop here with the company and my colleagues.”

Listening to customer feedback is important

Initially, Känsäkoski was mostly involved in tasks related to updating of the server environments of Vitec ALMA customers. New and better services for the customers are being developed and implemented. There are many ideas for development, but not all of them can be profitably executed.

“Commissioning and development projects must always be properly resourced. We need to eliminate any impediments on our side and on the customer’s side as well. Meetings with customers and the feedback acquired are truly important. This way, we can implement a project in a controlled manner and the customer will get the exact result required,” he emphasizes.

Teleworking and guitar solos

Känsäkoski has spent his first months of work partly teleworking and partly at the office in Kokkola. Even though he has not yet met all of his colleagues in person, he has met most of them. Teleworking suits Känsäkoski just fine, for the tools and connections are in order.

There is life outside the workplace as well. Music has always been important to Känsäkoski. He plays guitar in the pop-rock band Boronium; the band is even about to release a record album.

“At home, I have my own basement premises, and playing guitar there does not disturb the rest of the family,” Känsäkoski says, laughing.

Text: Kai Tarkka