ALMA as a company

Vitec ALMA Ltd develops, markets, delivers and maintains ALMA® engineering and knowledge and maintenance management systems and related services for creating and managing the technical data regarding to production lines, engineering, maintenance of technical data and events’ information.

ALMA® is a totally integrated engineering and knowledge management system for both developing and maintaining: it covers the whole life-cycle of the plant. It enables enterprises to streamline, standardize and plan their processes, manage their projects and documents, perform maintenance and troubleshooting actions wirelessly in real time, and link their knowledge management solution to other systems.

The concept includes six modules: consultancy, solutions databases, system start-up, support, training and software development.

ALMA® knowledge management systems are licensed to about 7 000 users among 300 companies in 46 countries.

It is a registered trade mark in 13 countries and it has been in the market since 1986.


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Vitec ALMA Ltd is continuously seeking benefits from networking, in deliveries, marketing and product development alike. 

The ALMA® software has been developed over 30 years through the enterprise’s active cooperation with its clients and its partners in the information technology and industrial sectors. The people who develop tools for information management must fully understand the goals, conditions, issues and challenges that plant personnel meet daily. Our people do.


Vitec ALMA Ltd operates according to the ISO 9001:2015 certified management system. The certificate is issued by Det Norske Veritas (No. 68307-2009-AQ-FIN-FINAS).

Asiakastieto, a leading Finnish provider of business and consumer information services, has awarded ALMA The Strongest in Finland 2017 – certificate. This certificate is a visible proof of company's creditworthiness, reliability and excellent solvency. The certificate announces to customers, cooperation partners, credit grantors and other interest groups that cooperation with a certified company is on solid ground.

Vitec ALMA Ltd is a member of the Association for Finnish Work and the Association of Decentralized Information Management for Industry.

In order to accent Finnish quality-consciousness and the best known certificate of origin for Finnish products the ALMA® system is granted permission to use the Key Flag symbol. 

Vitec ALMA Ltd is also a member of the PSK Standards Association. PSK Standards Association serves process industry as well as connected commercial enterprises of the branch by means of compiling standards that are required for the investments and maintenance of industrial mills and plants. PSK closely co-operates with the Finnish Standards Association SFS, which is the channel for publishing national SFS standards.

We are also part of Code from Finland -campaign. Code from Finland – symbol makes it easier for people to find those companies which develop and maintain software systems and services in Finland.



ALMA's history

AIM Automation and Instrumentation Management Ltd (previously ALMA Consulting Ltd, now Vitec ALMA Ltd) was established in 1986. The founders and major shareholders were Mr. Matti Nissilä and Mr. Kalervo Tervola.

The idea behind the business has always been information management at the plant. When man invests in a plant, one also invests into project data. Unfortunately, if this data is not collected in an intelligent production line information management system, it can be lost when people leave the project. That is where ALMA® is indispensable. It provides comprehensive tools for the whole lifecycle of a plant by retaining valuable project data and making it accessible for maintenance purposes over the plant’s entire lifecycle.

The product was named ALMA™ by the statue ALMA MATER located at the University of Illinois' campus. It reflects the idea of ​​knowledge management: “To the happy children of the future, those of the past send greetings." If we open it little bit more it is like "We are the representatives of past generations and we disclose our information to you young -  the young people will rise up and bless the memory of them.”

How it started?

In the end of the 1980’s there were mainly solutions intended for the machine maintenance programs.  They were not suitable for automation professionals or qualified electricians. It was the perfect timing for ALMA to enter the market.

The pioneering real customer was Kemira Kokkola in 1987 receiving their Macintosh-based manufacturing network for all users in real time. It was the current FieldALMA.

Then the new power plant in Varkaus was built utilizing ALMA in 1988. It was calculated that the use of ALMA amounted to 1.2 million Finnish marks in direct savings for the power plant. New business opportunities were created as well. The electrical professionals wanted their own application, SIIRI. Similarly, mechanics got their TERO for maintenance and materials management.

Another product line was AIMPRODOC, which was a tool to discover process failures. It was sold both as a service as well as a hardware. ALMA became quickly the principle: if the source of interference could not be found together with experts from the plant, no bill was send. Every time the fault was found and a number of customers bought AIMPRODOC for themselves.

Windows and working at home brought new possibilities

When Windows entered the market in 1991, ALMA managed it perfectly without special code changes. ALMA gained a head start over its competitors.

Little bit later the falling costs of remote connections made it possible to work remotely with ALMA and to extend remote working as part of its business concept for the management of the plant's lifecycle. At the same time company customized its solution for document libraries, as well as customer support, which included the remote access to the customer's application and updates.

Because of the progress in the technology, it came time for ALMA to connect the whole product family within a modern object oriented technology which was also independent from the database. ALMA as we know it today, was born. It was easy to use and fully integrated into other systems. In addition, applications were made for all types of design data and it covered whole lifecycle of the plant.

Today the vision is still strong

Over the years and also today our customers thank us for the advantages they have received with ALMA. Savings in time, money and disorders have been fabulous compared to the purchase price.

Today, our vision has not run out. Together with our customers we fulfil their needs relying on our vision. 

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